What Past Students Say:

Rita is such a wonderful pronunciation teacher. She has a systematic and comprehensive teaching strategy to improve students’ pronunciation. She will also read a student’s performance and tailor the teaching approach accordingly. This is of great importance. Take myself as an example, I never realize that I have a problem with the glided vowels, final “er” before. And I never know the “linking silent h” before. I have been learning English with Rita for eight months. It’s really a great experience for me. She’s a very nice person and often encourages me. I feel very comfortable when I talk with her. I really appreciate Rita’s great help. Now, I feel like I have not only improved my pronunciation but also improved my listening skills a lot. I feel more confident and comfortable when I talk with other English speakers. 

L.S., China

I found her classes interactive, full of attention to detail, well-planned, and organized. She introduced me to new techniques and methods for improving my speaking skills.  Rita loves what she is doing. I follow her advice and apply it in my communication skills!  My life has become easier!

E.A., Russia

Your teaching was useful.  I like it.   I always remember how you taught when I was in Denver.  For example, how to pronounce R and L.  It is interesting and easy.  Thank you for your teaching again.

Y.L., China

Dar las gracias es un sentimiento especial. Y este sentimiento especial es para usted, Maestra Rita. Gracias porque el camino es mas claro. Gracias por ese apoyo incondicional. Gracias por esa alegria y profesionalismo. Esto es algo que no se olvida y siempre se recordara por siempre.

J.D., Mexico

In January I will look for a new English teacher, even if it is gonna be difficult to find someone as good as you!

A.L., Italy

Your lessons were very helpful for me. They helped me to improve some important words that I use a lot. Also, the way you teach is very good. Thank you, Rita, so much.

R.A., Libya

Before my lessons started I was a little scared to speak English. In class, Rita often encouraged and praised me. I found it’s really relaxing when talking with Rita. During that period I was looking forward to learning from Rita on Friday afternoons. It’s so much fun. Now I have gotten rid of the common pronunciation problems and I’ve become more confident speaking English.

Z.Z., China